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PromoVu, established in 1999, is a pioneering technology company providing traffic auditing, targeting and PII compliant biometric analytic services for out-of-home digital displays.


PromoVu has designed, developed and patented software and systems for “real-time” audience measurement and analytics for the Digital Out-Of-Home (DOOH) and Digital Place-Based Media (DPB) industries. (SaaS and IoT)


PromoVu has legacy and broad intellectual property and has been granted four (4) patents with more pending. The system, in a personal identification information PII compliant and anonymous manner, will count and determine the demographic profile of viewers looking or passing video advertising displays, along with time and location. Demographic characteristics including age and gender are determined. Advertising and other content can be targeted appropriately in real time. Interaction with viewer by various means is enabled.


This data, in combination with actual overall audience traffic counts, affords the advertiser true real time accountability, and for the first time answers the question; by whom, where, when was my advertisement seen. The data enhances revenue for the network while providing the network owners a myriad of data for communications. The enhanced revenues enabled by PromoVu help to offset network operational costs. The data generated also enables the networks to provide valuable peripheral information for localities, based upon the data collected.




Norman Hotz

CEO and Founder

Demographic analytics pioneer. Device, software development and intellectual property management since 2000 PromoVu acquisition. Technology business consultant for 25 years. Software development management for global networks for several EU countries.


Steve Nesbit,

Senior Advisory Strategist

C level executive with 25+ years DOOH industry experience. As a thought leader in digital media and DOOH he has commandeered projects for major global enterprise encompassing the digital marketing space from technology to advertising integration. He has authored white papers and articles for the industry trade press and is a guest speaker at OOH trade shows on five continents.


Rick Mattock

Chief Technology Officer

35+ year technology veteran, including over 17 years DOOH/DS experience as CTO. Managed Whole Product Development Life Cycle – product definition, software design, architecture, development, deployment, QA and technical support for thousands of global installations. Successfully integrated, deployed and managed multiple Audience Measurement and CMS products on small and large DS networks.



Kathleen Callahan

Marketing Executive

25+ years managing the marketing of America’s Fortune 500. A diverse client list covers numerous industries leading to the national and international marketplace. Creative marketing solutions development for a host of global brands.



Jerry Gibbons

Founder and Of-Counsel

Respected advertising executive with numerous industry awards and honors.  Former EVP American Association of Advertising Agencies (4A’s), CEO and/or owner of internationally highly regarded Advertising Agencies.  Forty+ years of advertising, media and technology expertise.





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